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Batman earth 2

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Batman was the sworn protector of Gotham City on Earth-Two. Although as a young boy Bruce Wayne lost his parents to a gun-wielding robber, as his vigilante alter-ego Batman, he took firearms into his war on crime. The Batman of Earth-Two did not have the same "no-guns" policy as. By becoming Batman. He then sacrifices his life to kill several New Earth Batman villains. Thomas Wayne as of Earth 2 Annual #2 is sixty-five years old. In , Batman found out that Joe Chill and three hit men who worked for Frankie Falcone were murdered by someone with enhanced strength using their bare.

The Batman of Earth-Two is an alternate version of the fictional superhero Batman, who . In this new timeline, the Earth-2 Batman is now Thomas Wayne, father to Bruce Wayne. This corrupt doctor was working for the Mafia in Gotham City. Originally the Golden Age Robin, Dick Grayson from Earth-2 is the third Batman replacing the deceased Bruce & Thomas Wayne and now the world's Oracle. Batman. Original + Golden Age + Earth 2 (New 52). Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. NAME + ALIASES: Bruce Wayne (deceased). KNOWN RELATIVES.

Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. The three most powerful and beloved super heroes the world over. To people of all nations and cultures, these three. 29 Jan For the last few months, since Tom Taylor took over as writer of Earth 2, one central mystery has risen above the rest: Who is the new Batman of. As I was starting to write this comic book review, I kept thinking how it was a breath of fresh air reading this story from all the other ones that I have. Following the events of the #1 New York Times bestselling original graphic novel by Geoff Johns, comes the highly anticipated sequel BATMAN: EARTH ONE. 2 May DC has debuted a new look at the new Batman of Earth 2, but who could it be?.


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